Epipolar Plane Diffusion: An efficient approach for Light Field Editing

Inpainting principle
O. Frigo, C. Guillemot,

"Epipolar Plane Diffusion: An efficient approach for Light Field Editing", BMVC 2017.(pdf)


This paper presents a novel approach for light field editing. The problem of propagating an edit from a single view to the remaining light field is solved by a structure tensor driven diffusion on the epipolar plane images. The proposed method is shown to be useful for two applications: light field inpainting and recolorization. While the light field recolorization is obtained with a straightforward diffusion, the inpainting application is particularly challenging, as the structure tensors accounting for disparities are unknown under the occluding mask. We address this issue with a disparity inpainting by means of an interpolation constrained by superpixel boundaries. Results on synthetic and real light field images demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

Recolorization and inpainting results:


Additional inpainting results: