Lytro Illum Light Field Dataset

Lytro Illum Light Field Dataset
Contact: Rodrigo C. DaudtChristine Guillemot

Dataset Information

The raw light fields data can be decoded with D. Dansereau's Light Field Toolbox or using Lytro's desktop app.

The dataset is composed of the following files:
- The "Data" folder containing 36 .lfr files;
- Thumbnails of all the images in the dataset;
- README.txt;
- The "caldata-B5144000580.tar" file containing all necessary files for calibration and pairing relative to the Lytro camera that was used to capture the light fields.

The dataset zip file contains:
- 36 Lytro Illum photographs taken indoor and outdoor with applications such as depth estimation, inpainting and compression in mind;
- 4 Lytro Illum photograph taken with low lighting conditions;
- 3 Lytro Illum photograph of particular types of objects (translucent, texture, calibration grid).


The full dataset (3.01 GB) is available here for download.


Bee1 Bee2 Building Bumblebee
Checkerboard ChezEdgar Doves Duck
Field Framed Fruits LensFlare
MessyDesk Mini MotionBlur Perspective
Posts Rond Rose Sculpture
Sign Steps SunnyRose Symmetric
LL_Flowers LL_House LL_Roundabout LL_Street
Corridor Cactus Texture DistantChurch
Statue TinyMoon Translucent Plushies